What is WordPress

WordPress is a most world wide theme and plugins and website’s made platform,and it here SEO services promotion your website.

WordPress services:
1. Free service
2. Paid service

WordPress Free service positive way :
1. it is have a won domain
2. You have a won hosting
3. Hosting space 1 GB
4. you have a free theme in WordPress

Free service negative way:
1. domani name’s is subdomin WordPress. com and your won domain names. Example:www. saiful. wordpress. com
2. hosting space is very few
3. Webpage foooter side WordPress logo here
4. wordpress free theme is not very good future .just some future here Free themes
5. NO SEO friendly

WordPress paid service positive way:

1. you have a buy won domain
Example : www .saiful .com

2. you have a buy own hosting space not fixed
Example : 1gb , 2gb , anything

3. SEO friendly
4. You want to be your website rankings in Google search engine

5. You want to be buy WordPress theme and customized this theme.
6. Your WordPress themes Very largest and very future fully.
7. your need just changes looking in WordPress theme’s
8. You have some free plugines means WordPress apps.

WordPress paid service negative ways:

1. Your need some invest for your website themes
2. Your need some invest for you website plugines
3. Just West your time’s for your website customized.

. what WordPress services I have chooses?

Ans: paid service because it is used every business owner .

. How to buy domani & hosting?

You can buy domani in namechip . Com because you can chooses domain any years
Click here
• 1 years
• 2 years
• 3 &5 years
• 6 & last 10 years time’s you can buy domain service in nameschips . Com

And you can buy hosting is candyhoster . Com
. Because is give a free wordpress theme’s.

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